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Congratulations Michigan's very own Magia Dance Team 

for their performance at Rocket City Latin Festival, Alabama

Left to Right:

Tino Orozco, Keith Jerome, Omar Garcia, Andres Arias, Michael Goliszek, James Valentino, Alberti Pix

Mae Armeni, Victoria Mayo, Angie Adhami, Valerie Kozmenko, Michelle Mullins, Brenda Guerrero, Nally Velez

About Magia Dance Team:

Magia Dance Team is directed by the professional dancer/instructor/choreographer Andres Arias "Magia" in collaboration with Nally Velez and is sponsored by City Style Tango Studio. Our main objective is to give people the opportunity to perform and enjoy all the benefits that the dance world can offer, but at the same time teach them different dance techniques, steps, how to perform and improve their dance skills through different rhythms, routines and traveling to various dance congresses and events, ultimately showing the world, what we are made of in Michigan.

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