Park & Dance
...& support local businesses!
Park & Dance is a YA Salsa initiative to support local businesses in the way we know how to best - through dance!
Come dance with us in open air while supporting our local businesses. 
Face masks are required and hand sanitizer will be provided!
Next Event

We're super excited for the next Park, Dance & Help event, Saturday May 15th!

Join us 2-5 PM as we dance outside at Amore da Roma , Address: 3401 Riopelle Street Detroit, MI 48207.

We'll have lots of great music, hand sanitizer, food & drinks to purchase, and of course, masks are required at all times.

The goal of this free event is to help small local businesses in Michigan by dancing in their parking lots and supporting them by purchasing food and goodies or a gift certificate.

Questions call: Samer 248-521-2305.

*Support Amore da Roma :

The Roma Cafe building was built by the Marazza Family in 1888.

It served the vendors and farmers of Eastern Market, and officially became Roma Cafe in 1890.

In 1918, it was purchased by John Battaglia and Morris Sossi. The Sossi family continued the Roma Cafe tradition through Hector Sossi, and finally his daughter Janet Belcoure until 2017.

In July of 2017, after working as Executive Chef at Roma Cafe for 4 years, Chef Guy Pelino decided to revitalize the property and continue the tradition of Roma and re-open as Amore da Roma.

It is a rich tradition of family and friends, combined with delicious food and great wines.

Contact us: by phone(313)-831-5940,

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